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The Add-ons That You Need for Your ATV

Congratulations! You finally did it - you’ve made the splurge and invested in a brand new UTV. You dropped a pretty penny, so you probably assume that your new side-by-side is outfitted with everything you need. But, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’ll let you in on a little secret: you’re wrong. There are tons of aftermarket upgrades you can (and should) make to your vehicle to get the most out of your ride. Sounds overwhelming, right? Don’t worry - we’ll cover the basics for you.


Adding a front windshield to your SxS is an extremely useful investment, especially if you plan on riding in cooler temperatures. Think of all the dust, gravel, and mud that will be sprayed in your direction; while part of the fun in trail riding is getting dirty, too much of a good thing will always spoil the experience. Even investing in a simple wind deflector will keep the cold wind out of your face, making for a much more comfortable ride. A polycarbonate windshield will provide better protection from the elements without the risk of shattering in the event of an accident or a rogue rock flying your way.

Skid Plate

If you’re a serious trail rider and you plan on tackling tough terrain, upgrading your skid plate is a must. You wear protective gear to shield your body from getting hurt, and you should take the same cautionary measures with your vehicle. The stock plate will wear out quickly, putting your vehicle at risk for other damages. Upgrading to an aluminum or UHMW skid plate will allow you to better protect your precious new toy.

Rearview Mirrors

Adding a rearview mirror to your UTV offers both convenience and safety during your ride. It makes backing up your vehicle way easier, and allows you to keep an eye on your buddies who are following you down the trails. You can also position the mirror to make sure that any gear you brought along is still secure, or towards the side if you’re riding down a narrow trail and want to be sure that you have enough space between you and the foliage.

Storage Packs

Although a UTV can carry a lot more than an ATV, I can guarantee that there will be a time or two when you wish you had more space. Fortunately for you, storage packs allow you to pack even more items on your next trip. You can place a storage pack in the bed or the cab of your vehicle - or both, because each has its benefits.

A cab storage pack allows you to access your phone, snacks, water, or a map without having to stop and twist around, reaching into the bed of your vehicle. They’re super convenient, and you can place them anywhere in the cab that’s easiest for you. A bed storage pack, on the other hand, is larger and allows you to keep your gear secure and protected against the elements.


Don’t let a little drizzle keep you from enjoying your new SxS. Installing a roof allows you to personalize the look of your vehicle while protecting you from rain. You can buy an inexpensive fabric roof, or a plastic one if you’re looking for something more durable. The roof can always be removed later on if it no longer suits your needs.

If you’re still debating on whether you’re ready to invest in a UTV, head over to Outdoor Powersports in Gainesville, Texas to chat with a salesman about what vehicle is right for you. While you’re there, you can browse their large selection of new and used offroad vehicles. Outdoor Powersports also proudly serves the Dallas and Denton areas.

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