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Cleaning Your ATV or UTV

It’s no secret that all-terrain vehicles get filthy very quickly. After all, that’s what they’re designed to do! You can rip through the muddiest terrain, ride over dirt trails, and splash through puddles with ease. At the end of a fun-filled day of riding your four-wheeler, you’ll want to address all that mud that’s caked onto your machine. Cleaning your ATV isn’t only about keeping it looking nice, it will also help it last longer and prevent debris from clogging up critical engine components. Outdoor Powersports has provided some helpful cleaning tips below.

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Pre-Soak & Scrape

You’ll need to start by finding a place to clean your four-wheeler. Remember that if you clean it in your yard, you risk introducing new weeds and grass to your lawn when you rinse your vehicle. If you clean it in your driveway, be sure to hose down the sidewalk to get as much grime down the drain as possible. This will help prevent it from running off into the street or a neighbor’s yard.

If your ATV happens to be extremely muddy when you go to clean it, you may need to scrape the mud or soak it off before applying any soap. A plastic mud scraper will allow you to remove chunks of dirt without damaging your vehicle’s paint or finish. Otherwise, you can simply hose it down and wait for the dirty to run off, then hose it down again until the first layer is removed.

Pressure Wash The Grime

A pressure washer can be instrumental in blasting off stubborn grime that’s left over after your soaking and scraping efforts. Even when you use it on full blast, the water shouldn’t damage your four-wheeler. You can decide whether you’d prefer to use a gas or an electric pressure washer. The gas option is more powerful. A hose and nozzle can help blast water away, too, if you’d rather not be bothered with pressure washing. Your goal is to make sure you get as many layers of dirt off the vehicle as possible without spending ages scrubbing by hand.

Soap & Scrub

Once you’ve got your ATV hosed down, you can use a sponge or wash mitt with some automotive detergent or bike soap to scrub it down. You’ll want to scrub every surface, from the handlebars to the wheels. Don’t forget to work on the plastics, the frame, the seat, and the wheels. A stiff brush will help you drag out dirt and oil that’s stuck in nooks and crannies. Degrease is also great for oily areas all you have to do is spray it and wait, then scrub or rinse it off to remove oil.

Dry It Off

If you’re lucky and you’ve got good weather, you can simply allow your ATV to air dry in the sun. alternatively, you can take it into your garage and towel dry it with a lint-free towel. If you have access to an air compressor, you can blast water out of each crevice to get it dry in no time. This prevents rust and saves you the time and trouble of drying it by hand.

Polish It

This last step is optional, but it’s definitely worth it. A good plastic polish that you can spray over your four-wheeler and wipe it down is ideal. It’ll do wonders in making it look shiny and new again. You’ll want to avoid getting any polish on the seat as it’ll make things pretty slick, which can be dangerous on your next ride. All that’s left to do is step back and admire your work.

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