• Steven E. Overmyer

Camping With the Kids

After hearing “are we there yet?”, for the millionth time, you finally arrive at your destination. A peaceful yet exciting weekend in the woods awaits you and your kids, but you have to make sure everyone is entertained and well rested. This post will help to ensure more happy trips to the trails in the future.

Sleeping and Eating

As soon as you arrive at camp, make sure to set up everyone’s sleeping situation. Fumbling around in the dark and wrangling up little ones is not a fun way to start your vacation. By immediately setting up tents and bedding, you are ensuring no one will lose sleep or a tent pole in the pitch dark. As for sleeping, you want to maximize your tent space especially since you’re spending all of your time together. With stackable cots and kid friendly tents, you have plenty of options to choose from before you even leave your home.

Now on to the most important part… food! No one can resist a gooey s’more or a campfire dinner, so make sure to include your childhood favorites into this trip to share with your kids. An easy way to keep kids entertained is with snacks. If you’re spending your days hiking, climbing, or just hanging out, you want to make sure you have some healthy options, but also some sweet treats. Cooking utensils are a key ingredient to a fun weekend off the grid. Whether you’re flipping burgers or pancakes, you need to plan ahead for propane, supplies, and quantity of food. By packing all of this into locking containers, you’re ensuring your cooking tools are safe from children and also from animals.

Safety and Comfort

With little ones roaming the forest, you can never be too cautious about your surroundings. Boundaries should be explicitly stated as soon as you have reached camp. You should also make sure everyone knows where flashlights and whistles are located, in case of emergency. Although no one wants to talk about it, the bathroom situation needs to be addressed. If there is a nearby bathroom at your campground, then you’re all set to go. If not, make sure to pack the necessary buckets or hoses to add an outdoor washroom to your campsite.

Last but certainly not the least, are the games. Cornhole or Lasso Golf are sure to drown the “I’m bored!” cries. Even card or board games are fun especially with a change in scenery. Adults and kids alike will be having a blast back at camp. If you already have a trip planned or need a few camping tips, these tricks will add some excitement and insight into camping with the kids.

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