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10 Camping Hacks for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Nothing brings out your inner MacGyver like setting up camp and realizing that you left your fire starter at home. Offroad parks can be a great place to camp, but the idea of roughing it in the woods without the luxuries of modern living can seem overwhelming. Don’t panic - make your next camping trip a breeze by implanting some of these genius hacks.

Wet shoes?

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than putting on your damp sneakers after splashing through a puddle or creek. If you didn’t bring a backup pair, try stuffing your wet shoes with a dry t-shirt or newspaper, and let them sit overnight. They’ll be significantly dryer in the morning!

DIY lantern

If you need to add a little ambience to your campsite, fill a clear jug or bottle up with water and strap on your headlamp with the light shining through. This acts as a great light source if you left your lantern at home.

Make a mini first-aid kit

If you’re out hiking and an accident happens, chances are, you’ll have to wait until you get back to the campsite to access your first-aid kit. To keep from cutting your hike short, bring along a prescription bottle filled with bandaids, ointment, antiseptic solution, and anything else that might fit. Liquids can be placed into cut-up pieces of drinking straws to serve as single-use portions.

No fire starter? No problem.

If you’re having a little trouble getting your fire going, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. A little drizzle will have your kindling in flames in no time.

DIY tick deterrent

One of Mother Nature’s more unappealing aspects is all of the creepy-crawlies hiding in the foliage. To keep the pesky ticks at bay, mix a solution of one part tea tree oil and two parts water. Pour it into a spray bottle and bring it along on your next camping trip.

Natural mosquito repellant

Speaking of pests - if you don’t want to find yourself swatting at mosquitos while you’re trying to relax, pack some sage and burn it while you’re outside. You can even add it to your campfire to really keep them at bay.

Create a washing station

You know those big bottles of laundry detergent with the little spigots? Put your empty ones to good use by filling them with water and transforming them into a washing station. You can use it to rinse off your dirty cooking ware, or to wash your hands after nature calls.

Use Doritos as kindling

You heard that right. If rain or frost has left the surrounding foliage a little damp, you can use Doritos as kindling instead. If you don’t wind up using them, even better - more to eat!

Bringing the kids along?

After a long day hiking, the last thing you want to do is chase your wound-up children around. Keep them entertained by creating a little scavenger hunt for them. Make a list of some things that they can find around the campsite; a pinecone, an animal track, something green. The more you add, the longer they’ll be entertained, and it’ll give them a good chance to get acquainted with Mother Nature.

Cold feet cure

If you’re camping in the colder months, this one is a game changer. Your feet are always the first to get cold, and there’s a lot of space at the bottom of your sleeping bag. Place an insulated water bottle filled with hot water near your feet - it won’t just keep your toes warm, it’ll turn your entire sleeping bag into a cozy cocoon.

Ready to plan your next camping trip? Check us out Cross Bar Offroad Park in Davis, Oklahoma, complete with RV and tent sites for every type of camper. If you leave something at home that you can’t fix with one of these genius hacks, we’ve got you covered - just swing on by our general store.

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